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Dr. Thomas K. Lee, Senior Advisor

Thomas Lee served as a Senior Advisor to the White House Writers Group for Asian Affairs. He is also a distinguished Senior Associate for the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., where he serves as an advisor on a wide range of Asian-Pacific affairs. He has also served as a Senior Advisor to SK Group, a diversified multi-national group of manufacturing and service providing companies, active in energy, chemicals, telecommunications, logistics and construction based in Seoul, Korea, and as a Consultant to United Technology-Nordem System. In addition, he has represented J.I. Case Corporation in the Middle East. Read full bio.

Alejandro Koweindl, Advisor

Alejandro Koweindl has been principal of Koweindl & Asociados in Argentina since 2000. As a Project Manager Professional (PMP) and engineering professional, Mr. Koweindl has managed the engineering, procurement, construction, start up and operation of thermal, nuclear and hydro electric power plants. Read full bio.

Charles B. Lobsenz, Advisor

Chuck Lobsenz has deep and particular expertise and experience in the areas of Vendor Qualification and Selection, Vendor Award Strategies, Vendor Agreement Structuring/Drafting/Negotiation, Contract Management, and Project Management, particularly in the software and telecommunication industries. An attorney by training, Mr. Lobsenz has successfully leveraged his legal background and experience in connection with his consulting engagements. Read full bio.

Agustin T. Melano, Advisor

Agustin Melano is currently a shareholder and director of Texas Emerging Argentina SA, and is a director at Catler Dominicana SA, the first liquid natural gas (LNG) operation covering the supply of cryogenic equipment in the Caribbean. He is also director of Knott’s Service Corporation, a holding company with operations in the areas of wind and solar power energy that also develops gas pipelines and distribution grids in Argentina and Brazil. Read full bio.

Thomas H. Miner, Advisor

Thomas Miner is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Thomas H. Miner & Associates, an international business consulting firm active in key regions. He is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of The Mid-America Committee for International Business and Government Cooperation, Inc., whose members comprise the chief executive officers of multinational corporations in the Midwest. Mr. Miner was President of Illinois Global Partnership, a private-public partnership responsible for building the State of Illinois as a dynamic region for global business, and for six years the Director of International Business of Urban Retail Properties Company, the national leader in property management. Read full bio.

Simon Patricio Ricaurte A., Advisor

Patricio Ricaurte A. is owner and general manager of Business & Trade SA, a company focusing on the distribution of goods and products of international companies. He is also a partner and general manager of Grupinsa SA, a company that specializes in real estate development. Both companies are based in Quito, Ecuador. Read full bio.

Augusto de Urzedo Rocha, Advisor

Augusto de Urzedo Rocha co-founded Exinvest do Brasil Exportacoes e Investimentos Ltda. in 1979, a company aimed at identifying business opportunities between Brazil and Portugal and for third parties interested in exploring those opportunities. Since its establishment, Mr. de Urzedo Rocha has assisted with the acquisition by the Deutsche Babcock Group (Germany) of a substantial share of a Brazilian engineering company, Hidroconsult, as well as the acquisition by the Espirito Santo Banking Group (Portugal), associated with Bradesco Banking Group (Brazil), of a Brazilian insurance company, Phoenix Paulista. Read full bio.

Charles D. Vollmer, Advisor

Chuck Vollmer is the founder and author of Jobenomics, a national grassroots movement dedicated to creating 20 million new U.S. private sector jobs by year 2020. His book, Jobenomics, was released in September 2010. Jobenomics community-based business generators have commenced in numerous states and other initiatives, like women-owned businesses, are gaining national attention. He recently accepted the position of CEO of eCycling USA, which was created by Jobenomics to recycle electronic waste and dedicate a percentage of the profits to inner-city Jobenomics business generation efforts. Read full bio.

Larry C. Wallace, Advisor

Larry Wallace began his legal career in 1969 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. His law firm grew to be the state’s largest law firm outside of Little Rock. In 1983, he merged his practice with an old line Little Rock firm and chaired its development to the state’s second largest law firm with over fifty lawyers. The firm maintained offices in Little Rock, and three other Arkansas cities, as well as Washington, D.C., and London.

His unique and distinguished reputation attracted an impressive list of clients. His practice was centered around the laws of banking, broadcasting, corporate, public finance, public utilities, real estate, tax, trade and transportation. In 1992, he was appointed by then Governor Bill Clinton as a special Associate Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court. He is licensed to practice law before the United States Supreme Court, all Federal Courts in Arkansas, the Supreme Court of the State of Arkansas, the Courts of the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. and the Supreme Court of the State of Texas. Read full bio.