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Horizon Expansion offers a full array of business consulting services to support future growth for you and your company:
Start-Up Advice – In order to build a solid business, you need the proper foundation. We analyze the best entity structure to achieve your goals, and provide counsel so you have immediate and effective strategies to thrive in domestic and international markets.
Research and Analysis – We determine the likelihood of the success of your company based on competition in the marketplace, what those competitors are doing, if your product and/or services are marketable, and the barriers to entry that may exist.
Strategic Planning – We work with you to clarify and document your business goals. During this process, we help you develop short-term and long-term strategies based on best market practices. If global expansion is your milestone, we define the most effective methods of entry into foreign markets and determine the associated costs and legal implications.
Growth Strategies – We offer sales and management training to maximize the productivity of your staff. We also evaluate and identify potential products, services, partnerships and acquisitions that bring the most value and fuel your company’s growth.
Intellectual Property (IP) Management – We help our clients evaluate and manage their IP and patent portfolios. We utilize a strategic perspective, coupled with detailed client knowledge and advanced technical expertise to produce definitive and actionable advice. In reviewing client IP portfolios, we are able to determine the validity and strength of the claims and protections available. We then analyze the current global landscape in regard to the intellectual property for the best perspective on third-party patents as well as technology transfers, licensing needs and other opportunities.
Investment Due Diligence – We conduct due diligence analysis regarding the strength, scope and validity of selected patents or an entire patent portfolio. This critical data is required for an acquisition or merger of companies. We work with both corporate and institutional investors, which enables us to keep a pulse on rapidly developing technologies amidst business goals and realities.
Contract and Vendor Management – We assist clients in the areas of contract and vendor management. This includes managing relationships to ensure cost containment and compliance with contractual terms. We also handle dispute resolution when issues arise with vendors and other related parties. Depending on client needs and objectives, we will evaluate and renegotiate relevant agreements to optimize the performance of contracted products and services.
Global Expansion – Our broad-based domestic and international network gives you access to high-level decision makers in public and private sectors throughout many industries. This access lets you develop the strategic relationships that foster growth. We also coach you on how to handle meetings, discussions and negotiations to solidify the strength of the connection.
International Projects & Investments – Our international connections enable us to stay informed of projects of utmost importance to various government agencies, allowing us to develop appropriate stategies for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for large scale development projects crossing a variety of industries.
Education & Training – We offer highly interactive seminars that are customized to your specific needs. Your team can quickly learn how to negotiate and speak with people from different backgrounds, cities, cultures and mentalities. These nuances can make or break a relationship. Through our cross cultural training, your staff is better attuned to support the company in its operations.